Beach of Palombaggia


The beach
of Palombaggia

Our hotel Palombaggia is located a few steps from the beach of Palombaggia. The famous beach that the whole world envies us. Its crystal clear waters, its warm and white sand, its wooded coastline, the beach of Palombaggia is one of the most beautiful beaches of Corsica, no doubt possible!

This beach is only a few minutes walk from the hotel. You will be able to find the turquoise waters of Palombaggia not far from your holiday resort. The beach of Palombaggia offers many possible activities according to your desires of the moment. Whether you want to rent a deckchair and umbrella or practice water sports such as diving or sailing, Palombaggia offers you both relaxation and a more sportive tourism.

If this beach is of course remarkable, it is not the only one that will dazzle you with its charms. Not far from there is also the gulf of Santa Giulia and its large white sand beach. Many other beaches, more intimist, decorate the beauty of the Corsican coasts, Tamaricciu, Carataggio, Acciaghju, so many exotic names which evoke relaxation, wellbeing and vacations.

Discover the islands


In front of the beach of Palombaggia is also a constellation of islands all more beautiful than each other, the Nature Reserve of the Cerbicales Islands.


Located less than 5 km from the beach of Palombaggia, this archipelago is in the heart of the Tyrrhenian Sea. 4 islands and 2 rocky islets make it up and represent a sanctuary for many animal species. The Island of Piana, the largest, is distinguished by its large pink granite cliffs. If the archipelago is uninhabited, visits are possible and organized regularly to discover the beauty of this place.

Beach of Palombaggia
beach of Palombaggia
The hotel in the middle of the pine forest