and its old town

Bonifacio is one of the most popular destinations in Corsica. On the side of a cliff, the city shows a strong character.


Proudly, it is perched on a hill overlooking the Mediterranean Sea with a breathtaking view of the Sardinian coastline when the weather permits. Let yourself be seduced by this city full of history. Its citadel, its picturesque streets and its historical buildings give it an authentic character and are all marked by the History that has crossed Bonifacio, since the 9th century, at its foundation. The typical village is worth a visit with its white houses and narrow streets that make this town unique and recognizable among thousands.

Beyond the charm of the village and its stores which will not fail to occupy you for a day of stroll, the surroundings of Bonifacio also offer many wonders which will dazzle you.

The Lavezzi Islands

and the beach of Rondinara

The beach of Rondinara, first of all, one of the most beautiful beaches of the island is located not far from the city. Its bay offers a breathtaking view and incredible shades of blue that stand out in contrast to the almost immaculate white sand.

Another charm that Bonifacio has to offer, and not the least, the Lavezzi Islands. Access to these islands is by boat and the archipelago is composed of 23 islands or reefs. The Lavezzi Islands are the southernmost point of mainland France and can be visited for a few hours or more, as there is a hotel on site to accommodate you for longer. Clear waters, countless fish that make this sanctuary an open-air aquarium. It is the ideal place for lovers of beautiful landscapes or diving enthusiasts.


Many boats leave from Bonifacio all day long to allow you to visit the island for a day for example. But other options are also available to you such as a boat with underwater vision or organized excursions to see the granite cliffs along the southern coast of Corsica.

Beach in Corsica
Large map of the city of Bonifacio