15 must-do activities in Porto-Vecchio.




The Palombaggia hotel is located near the beach of Palombaggia, only 15 minutes from Porto-Vecchio. It is a coastal town in Corsica known for its beautiful landscapes, its exceptional heritage and its many outdoor activities. If you are looking for what to do in Porto-Vecchio, here is our selection of the 15 things you should not miss:




Visit the Genoese citadel 


Chis fortress, built in the 16th century, is the city's main tourist attraction. With its elaborate architecture and large loopholes, it also offers many bars, restaurants and stores, as well as squares animated by local life.



Discover the church of Saint-Jean-Baptiste 


This granite building located in the center of the citadel is a real architectural treasure. Inside, you can admire the magnificent 16th century processional Christ and the beautiful stained glass windows dating from 1960.



Stroll on the beaches of Porto-Vecchio 


the city has many beaches of white sand and turquoise water, such as the beach of Palombaggia and that of Santa Giulia. Alongside these beaches, you will also find beautiful pine forests to put you in the shade.



Practice water sports 


Porto-Vecchio is an ideal destination for diving, with a diverse marine fauna. You can also try sea kayaking, kitesurfing or jet skiing.



Visit the prehistoric sites 


The region of Porto-Vecchio is full of vestiges dating from the Bronze Age, such as the Castellu d'Araghju, the site of Ceccia, the sites of Cucuruzzu and Capula, or the site of Tappa.



Refresh yourself at the waterfall of Piscia di Gallu 


This 80 meters high waterfall is one of the most frequented natural sites in Corsica. It is located in the heart of the forest of Ospedale and is easy to access.



Take a walk on the Ospedale lake 


Half an hour from Porto-Vecchio, you can walk around the Ospedale lake and its dam, which supplies the region with drinking water. The 733 hectare state forest surrounding the lake is also a real green lung of Porto-Vecchio.



Go for a ride on an electric bike


Stroll around Palombaggia with several routes. Discover Palombaggia as you have never seen it before. Contact directly the hotel Palombaggia to book your bike.



Exploring the tip of the Chiappa 


Located in the southwest of the Gulf of Porto-Vecchio, this coastal area is full of tourist sites to discover, such as the semaphore of Chiappa, the lighthouse of the point and the bay of Stagnolo.



Taste the local culinary specialties 


During your stay in Porto-Vecchio, don't miss the opportunity to taste the typical dishes of the region, the stuzzichini (Corsican tapas) or the fiadone (flan with eggs and feta cheese).



Participate in a sea kayak tour 


To fully enjoy the beauty of the coast of Porto-Vecchio, there is nothing like a sea kayak trip. You will be able to explore the creeks and islets around.



Visit the salt marshes 


Porto-Vecchio is known as the "city of salt" because of its old salt works. Don't miss the opportunity to visit these marshes to discover the history and the production of salt.



Shopping in the city's boutiques 


Porto-Vecchio is a very commercial city, with many stores offering local and artisanal products. Take a tour to discover the treasures of the island.



Discover water sports 


The city of Porto-Vecchio is ideal for water sports lovers. Diving, sailing, kitesurfing, paddle, there is something for everyone!



Visit the prehistoric sites 


The region of Porto-Vecchio is full of prehistoric vestiges to discover, like the Castellu d'Araghju, the site of Ceccia, the site of Cucuruzzu and Capula, or the site of Tappa.







Porto-Vecchio is an ideal destination for vacations in Corsica. With its citadel, its dream beaches, its water sports, its prehistoric sites and its quality gastronomy, the city has something to seduce all travelers. So don't hesitate and come to Porto-Vecchio for an unforgettable stay! More information on the website